Welcome to Lambda 2.0

We have re-engineered our website from scratch and we're pleased to finally reveal it


After some time offline, we're now pleased to announce that our new website is here!

We have spent the last few months re-engineering the entire back-end, not just putting a fresh lick of paint on the existing website.

We've still got some work left to do before we bring up the legacy Garry's Mod Servers, Surf, Bunny Hop & Skin Testing, however we will keep you posted on when we re-launch those.

In the mean time, feel free to have a look around the new website, and if you find any issues please let us know in Discord.

You will need to create a new account as existing accounts from the old website will not be migrated.

Our new web system now uses a separate identity source, so that we can split some of our functionality between different web applications and you can always use the same account.

You can create your account here: https://id.lambda.tf

Once you've created your account you can click the “Sign in with LambdaID” button above to sign in to this website. 

Next Steps

We still have a load of functionality to add to the new website.

We intend to bring the radio back later this year, however that will be it's own seperate application, and will likely undergo a re-brand.

For now we'll continue to add similar functionality to the old website over time.

Our next priority is bringing back the Discord bot.

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