Community Rules

General Community Rules

1. Respect other users

Flaming, targeted harassment and bullying towards other is not tolerated

2. No Spamming

Don't spam, this includes but is not limited to: Profile Comments, Reports & Suggestions

3. No advertisements

This includes but is not limited to: Other communities, Discord invite links. This can change if permission is given from the Lambda Networks management team.

4. No Trolling

No trolling.

5. English Only

We are an international community, all content should be in English only, except in areas where clearly specified.

6. No Politics

No politics unless in designated, opt-in political forums and channels. Politics can be a divisive subject.

7. No Racism, Islamophobia, Anti-Semitism

This includes but is not limited to No Racism, Islamophobia, Anti-Semitism.

8. Do not share links to pirated content

This includes but is not limited to software, music & movies.

Discord Specific Rules

1. Keep posts on-topic of the channel

This will be defined by the channel's name and header. Everything off-topic or general discussion belongs in #general. For memes, gifs or just general posting use #shitpost 

2. No NSFW or ear rape content.

No NSFW or ear rape content unless there's an explicit, opt-in section for it.

3. Do not send pointless pings to staff.

This includes but is not limited to:

  • Sending pings and deleting the message
  • Sending duplicate pings, e.g after someone has already pinged staff for the same issue

4. No external soundboards

Since the introduction of the Discord Soundboard, we have revised the blanket “No soundboards” rule, as such the Discord soundboard is now permitted and can be used. External soundboards cannot be used as users cannot mute sounds.

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