Exclusive Emotes!

Get dank exclusive emotes to use in-game. If we don't have what you want, then fill in the Premium emote request form and we'll review it and add it!


No Waiting!

Get ahead, you no longer need to wait 10 seconds before passing the rules screen.

You still need to follow the rules though so do read them!

More AutoDJ Requests!

Queue more of your favourite music! With 5 additional AutoDJ requests, you will truly rule the airwaves without even being a presenter!

Note: Due to regulations, your requests will still need to meet all the legal requirements, as such this feature does NOT grant you the ability to play the same artist in a row, etc etc.


Stand out from the crowd!

Get an exclusive tag on the Scoreboard so you stand out and don't blend in with all those countless other players!

Stand out while chatting!

It's not just the scoreboard you can stand out, you also receive a tag in the chat so all the other countless players can see who's boss!


5 Extra Weekly Case Drops

Get double the amount of case drops per week than regular players and get more chances to get an awesome new item.

Stand out even more!

You think we were done with scoreboard and chat tags? Nope! Set the colour of your chat messages to any RGB colour that you would like.

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