Garry's Mod Servers - Returning 3rd December

Lambda is bringing back the Garry's Mod Servers from Sunday 3rd December, 2023


Over the past few months we've been busy at work updating our Garry's Mod code to work with an entirely new back-end system we wrote. The purpose of this started out as a project to see what was possible.

As it turns out, it was possible and has made the code base more reliable and stable.

We moved away from a hybrid mix of SQL/API requests which were very quickly hacked together and was a mix of code dating back from 2014.

As part of the transition to the new backend, a lot of code has been rewritten from scratch to better make use of the new backend and to generally make the code base much easier to work with.

There is now a limited test phase where hand-picked members of the community have started testing the code in production with existing player data to see how things play out.

So far, testing has been successful, which is why I'm pleased to announce that we will be launching our Garry's Mod servers to the public on Sunday 3rd December, 2023.

What's coming back?

We are bringing the following servers/gamemodes back:

  • Stronghold
  • TTT
  • Gungame
  • Surf Deathmatch
  • Skill Surf (Easy & Hard)
  • Skill Bunny Hop (Easy & Hard)
  • Skin Testing Environment

Will existing player data return?


Everyone's existing stats and inventories from Lambda 2022 will still be there, including money and XP.

We also intend to bring back Premium status for those who purchased long term plans as well.

What's not coming back?

During development we prioritised the core features and gamemodes, as such we are sad to announce that the following features will not return at launch:

  • LambdaNet Matchmaking
  • Friends System

We intend on bringing back LambdaNet in the future, as a game-independent matchmaking solution, but we're currently nowhere near making a start on that.

The friends system will return in the future, however as part of the new back-end, we are going to be doing a complete re-write of this feature so it works better ingame.

What kind of updates will the Garry's Mod servers receive?

We don't intend on doing big content updates anymore, however we still plan to do bug fixes, performance improvements and minor content updates such as new cases and skins.

Further Questions?

If you have any further questions then please feel free to pop in to our Discord and ask away.

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