We have liftoff - Lambda Garry's Mod returns

After more than a year offline, Lambda is back with a whole new backend and improvements


Today we have re-launched our Garry's Mod Servers. 

This is a big moment for us, as for the last few months I've spent re-integrating our Garry's Mod code in to a completely new back-end, and so far with great success it seems.

Our Initial Priorities

Now that we've launched, there's still some things left to do, namely;

  • Implementing all the latest music kits from CS2
  • Implementing missing cases (Recoil Cases, Revolution Cases) from CS2
  • Rewrite our base gamemode that powers some of our custom game modes like Surf Deathmatch, Minigames and more

2024 and beyond

We initially wanted to start focusing on Garry's Mod spiritual successor, s&box.

However, due to the fact the developer preview is still undergoing big changes, it's not currently a stable environment for us to start any long term projects, so for now this is on hold.

However, with that said; We still intend on developing our feature base, including:

  • A full replacement for LambdaNet - We know how many people enjoyed LambdaNet, and we're determined to bring a new replacement out that's multi-game.
  • A new friends & in-game chat system
  • Lambda Content Creation Tools & Workshop - Allowing our community to create content for the server

Plus much more.

CS2 & The Future

In the previous section where we mentioned about adding missing content, we will only be adding content that is available up to CS2's release.

Due to CS2 being on a new engine and using new 3D models, we don't intend on bringing these on to the Source 1 Engine.

With that said going forward, new cases for skins and other content will be driven by the Workshop once that launches in 2024.

Final Thoughts

We hope you enjoy the work we've done over the past few months and it's finally great to see it go live.

If you encounter any issues or have bugs to report, please hop in to our Discord and let us know.

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