Web Stats & Inventories now available!

Web based stats and inventories are now available

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Over the past few days I started work on finishing User Profiles. 

The last two remaining things were stats and Inventories, and today, I'm pleased to announce the latest changes are now live.

Revisiting Stats

Previously the statistics pages were incomplete, missing a lot of information or just wrong at calculating things.

This time all stats which are available in our database are displayed. 

In addition to global & gamemode stats, we have also added Event Stats and completed maps & statistics for Timer Engine gamemodes.


Head on over to your user profile to see your own stats.

A new Inventory Look

As part of this update, I really wanted to get Web Inventory shipped, and as of today, Web Inventory is now available, but with some cool features.

Firstly, if you are viewing your own Inventory, you can now filter by folder:


Only you can see folders, anyone else viewing your profile will see a paged “All Items” view.


In addition, we've added a CS-like inspecting experience.

If you are in-game, go to any Inventory and item and click “Inspect in-Game” and you'll get a 1:1 preview of that inventory item, even if you don't own it.

Bringing Daily Challenges to the web

Our players find Daily Challenges as a fundamental part of the Lambda experience, as such it has been requested to bring Daily Challenges to the website, and with this update, we've done just that.


By going on to each server page, you can see what the active daily challenge is, the grade, the required target and when it expires.

You can also see a leaderboard of everyone's progress and who has completed the challenge.


In addition, we've introduced a new view on the Servers page, so you can see a list of servers and active daily challenges:


Bringing Timer Engine to the web

As part of our rewrite, each map played on a Lambda server now has a unique identifier and is stored in our database. Timer Engine was rewritten to allow for this system, and as such we've now introduced leaderboards.

By going to any map page, if the map in question is registered as a Timer Engine map (Skill Surf or Bunny Hop) you will be able to see the leaderboards:


At the moment only the main course leaderboards are available, however we plan to expand this in the future with Bonus & Checkpoint leaderboards.

Final Words

This update only took us a few days to write and test so we will continue to push quality of life updates like these, however until the new year this will be the last final major update of 2023.

I'd like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a fantastic new year. See you in 2024!

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