Introducing the Community Market Update!

The Community market is back along with 2 brand new cases from CS

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The Community Market is back!

In addition, the Recoil and Revolution cases have now been added and are dropping in-game now!

Bringing back the Community Market

The Community Market was a big part of the Lambda Economy, we had to make the difficult decision to launch without as rewriting it would be a large task.

I'm pleased to say that the market is now back and has been rewritten using Redis for caching and jobs making it blazing fast.

The only feature from the old market that has not yet returned is the Auction system, we plan to roll this out in the next few weeks.

Head on over to the market now to buy and sell items

Recoil & Revolution Cases added

The last two missing cases from CS:GO have now been added and are now dropping.

Recoil Case Contents

Revolution Case Contents

In addition, the Recoil case introduces some new gloves, these are available to see in the Gloves section of the wiki.

As two new cases have been added, the following cases have now been removed from the drop pool:

  • Fracture Case
  • Lambda #1 Case

Introducing Sub-Games

Sub-Games are effectively gamemodes, and since our Garry's Mod portfolio is diverse with different gamemodes, it makes sense to have a sub game system.

This means that you can now track your hours for Stronghold, Gungame, Surf, Bunny Hop and more seperately.

Sub-Games are displayed on your Lambda Profile:


Website Updates

In addition to the Community Market, more updates have been made to the website, these include:

New Hover Profiles which show your pins, in-game status & commendations.


If you're Premium, your going to stand out a whole lot more on the website. Users with an active Premium subscription are now shown clearly when compared to other users:


Item Grade/Rarity Updates

This update also changes the Item Grading/Rarity for different types of items.

The existing scheme of: Covert / Classified / Restricted / Mil-Spec is still here, but only applies to Weapon & Knife Paints

However, most item types have their own grading scheme. These are:


  • Extraordinary Gloves

Player Models

  • Master Player Model
  • Superior Player Model
  • Exceptional Player Model
  • Distinguished Player Model

Trails / Hats / Accessories / Stickers / StatTrak Modules / StatTrak Skins & Music Kits

  • Extraordinary
  • Exotic
  • Remarkable
  • High Grade
  • Mid Grade
  • Low Grade

Weapon Tools

  • Illegal Weapon Tool
  • Standard Grade Weapon Tool


  • Unique Collectable
  • Extraordinary Collectable
  • Exotic Collectable
  • Remarkable Collectable
  • High Grade Collectable

Cases & Keys

  • Regular Case / Key


  • Extraordinary Graffiti
  • Exotic Graffiti
  • Remarkable Graffiti
  • High Grade Graffiti
  • Base Grade Graffiti

Gamemode Logo Refresh

You may have noticed from the Sub-Game section that Gamemode logo's have received a fresh lick of paint.

These are now vectorised logos and as such, are now also available in-game with vector-like quality.

These new logo's are displayed on both the Escape Menu and Scoreboard:



Steam & Discord Rewards are now available!

If you are a member of the Lambda Steam Group and part of our Discord, you will now receive a reward in-game for doing so, in the form of an Extraordinary Collectable and extra case drops!

Please note: Status for Steam Group & Discord is cached, as such it may take up to an hour before you are given rewards.

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