Surf & Bunny Hop Replay Bots are back!

After a week of re-engineering, replay bots are now back!

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This is quite a small update in terms of regular Lambda updates, however it is a big update if you regularly play on Skill Surf or Bunny Hop.

As of today, all times, XP and skill groups have been reset on Skill Surf and Bunny Hop as part of today's update which brings back replay bots. 

The reasoning is that in order for the new replay system to be effective, players will need to set new times for replay recordings.

I have spent the last week writing a C++ module to record, write & read replay data in an asynchronous way so that recordings can be loaded and read in real time without locking up the main game thread.

As part of this, I've also rewritten the Lua side of the replay system, with Replays now being a first-party feature in Timer Engine.

The update is live now, so go set some times and enjoy being able to try and beat times by viewing replays.

Have fun!

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