The CS2 Major Update is here!

The CS2 Major update brings all new map collections, Souvenir packages for the PGL Major, Premium Purchasing and more!

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We are pleased to announce that the CS2 Major Update is here!

This update brings hundreds of new skins with brand new CS Map based collections, Purchasing of Premium and much more! See below for everything that's changed.

Important Note: For the new skins there is a new Workshop addon, Gun Paints #2: 

Introducing Map-Based Collections


This update introduces map collections for the first time. We have initially focused on the active collections from CS2, so any old map collections have not yet been implemented, but will be in the future.

The introduction of these collections allows us to run our own CS-like events during majors and when we host our own tournaments.

We had previously used some patterns and skins in some of our existing cases, in this case the collection item takes priority and the existing duplicate skins are now named named after the container they are apart of.

PGL Major Copenhagen 2024 - Souvenir Packages


Just in time for the first ever CS2 Major, we've now introduced Souvenir packages for each Active Duty map.

Initially, we wanted to introduce a Pick-Em's system within Lambda where each correct pick would give you a souvenir token to redeem against a certain match, however due to time contraints we were unable to do this.

Similar to the ASOT 2024 souvenir packages, a random Souvenir package will drop every hour. All items unboxed are marked as Souvenir commemorating the major.

In additon, Souvenir packages now have 3D models!



Souvenir packages drop from today (17/03) up until 31st March 2024.

Introducing the CS20 Case

On our backlog is to bring back old CS2 cases over time. With the ASOT 2024 update we bought back the Shattered Web Case

With this update, the CS20 case is now here!


The CS20 case drop as normal with other cases.

Update to the Drops System

With this update a major change has been made with the drops system.

When you reach your weekly drop limit, instead of being dropped Music Kit, Graffiti and Sticker containers, you will now be dropped a random weapon from the following collections:

  • The ASOT 2024 Collection
  • The Anubis Collection
  • The Ancient Collection
  • The 2018 Inferno Collection
  • The 2021 Mirage Collection
  • The 2018 Nuke Collection
  • The Overpass Collection
  • The 2021 Vertigo Collection

As we go through all of the CS2 collections, this list will also grow.

Similar with the CS dropping system, there is a very low chance of getting Extraordinary items (Covert, Classified) from drops.

The existing items which were previously dropped after weekly case drop exhaustion have now been added to the In-game Store for purchase.

Purchasing of Premium is now here!

Lambda Premium and all addons are now available to purchase.

Head on over to the Premium page to purchase

Please note that if you have an existing Premium subscription that was added manually, you will need to wait for it to expire before you can make a purchase.

In addition, at this moment in time it's not possible to modify your Premium subscription addons, this is something we're working on, however you can always reach out to us in Discord and we can manage modifications manually. 

Other Changes

A list of other changes in this update:

  • Removed the SSG-08 scope from the “all” painting target as the scope has it's own UV.
  • Added Maximum height to select menus in the Filter window in the F3 menu
  • Added support for items to be in multiple containers
  • Item Wiki now shows whether Souvenir items are available for a certain item.
  • Added Karambit | Doppler (Destination) as an exclusive item for those who attended the ASOT 2024 meetup
  • Updated the pattern of all Fade items to a more brighter pattern
  • Optimised drawing for map voting
  • Added the repeatable dots pattern
  • Added Premium link to the escape menu if the local player doesn't have Premium.

Future Updates

There were a lot of things we wished we could have included in this update such as the Store, a new Change Logs system and some older and new music kits.

As a result this is part 1 of a larger update, with the second part coming at the end of next week.

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